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The Council Members of the City of Wylie

This email is to support the application of Collin County Humane Society’s application to build a shelter in Wylie. We are asking you to consider the jobs created and additional revenue to shops and businesses by members of the public who come to Wylie to visit the shelter which can only have a positive impact on the City.

The no kill shelter proposed by Collin County Humane Society is desperately needed in this area and will allow them to help many more animals than they are able to at the present time providing a much needed service to the community. We hope you will consider their application favorably.
City shelters provide a good immediate solution for lost and abandoned pets but when they’re not claimed or adopted many wonderful animals are subjected to euthanasia. Long term we need organizations like the Humane Society to care for these animals until they find loving homes.
Currently CCHS house their dogs in foster homes while they are waiting to be adopted. Foster homes are a great solution but with a brick and mortar facility they will be able to save so many more dogs that otherwise might be euthanized.
Dogs are such wonder creatures. They give their humans unconditional love and companionship as well as joyful entertainment. They deserve to have a place to live and be loved and cared for until the right person or family comes to adopt them. For some, this will be the first time they have ever experienced tenderness and care from a human.
We hope you will pass everything that is needed in order for the CCHS project to move forward as planned.
We are also excited about the dog park they have planned as there is no dog park close by. This will benefit all dog owners living in Wylie… and what a great way to bring a community together!
(Text courtesy of Terry & Muriel Latham and Marilyn Marshall)


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How this will help

CCHS is in the process of acquiring land to build an animal shelter. The land is currently zoned Agricultural and we are trying to change it to Agricultural with a Planned Development. There are...

CCHS is in the process of acquiring land to build an animal shelter. The land is currently zoned Agricultural and we are trying to change it to Agricultural with a Planned Development. There are houses across the street but between us will be (currently in the process of being constructed) a 4 lane road (with a turning lane in the middle) and fields all around our proposed facility.

PLEASE Take the time to write City Council (even if you do not live in Wylie)… Please tell your friends to join our cause!

For those of you not familiar with our Adoption facility plans, here are two links to reference: AND

The proposal to pass our re-zoning request onto City Council was approved by the Planning and Zoning Commissioners in a long drawn out 3 to 2 vote. This means that our meeting on April 10th at 6pm needs to have EVERY single person that supports CCHS to either write a letter, attend the meeting or stand up and speak up on behalf of CCHS in support of our cause. Please help recruit co-workers, friends and family to unite in this venture as we only have two weeks to send in letter, gather evidence and recruit support for our cause. If City Council Declines the rezoning then we will not be able to build our facility at this location which will be a huge loss of time, money, energy and work for CCHS.

#1 Noise – sound will not be an issue but they are all picturing indoor outdoor kennels with dogs constantly stimulated by the outside so the noise level would be constant (even though were reassured them over and over again that the dogs will not be outside). They think the dogs are going to be barking 24/7 (the facility is indoors with small play yards for a few dogs to have supervised play time during business hours). For safety reasons for the dogs and the staff, the dogs have to be in the yards in small numbers with supervision to prevent any fights or other problems. The remainder of the time, the dogs will all be house inside the building. Here is a link to our plans:

#2 Safety – they worry that a dog will escape and maul a child. CCHS is going to keep up our foster program with the facility so all of the dogs at the facility will have gone through temperament testing, foster care, fully vetted and are ready for homes. No unsocialized or dangerous dogs will be at the facility. Not to mention, like all facilities we have several doors that the dogs will need to travel to before they would be able to escape the building. There is a MUCH higher probability of a dog getting out of a house then out of a facility that is equipped to handle dogs and has trained staff and safety measures in place

#3 Lighting - they worry that the lighting of the building will flood the sky and it will stick out like a sore thumb no matter what lighting restrictions we have. We dont want to waste money to flood the sky with lights so we will do everything we can to keep lighting and low as possible.


(1) Write a letter to City Council (even if you plan to attend the meeting) [email protected], Mayor: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; and [email protected]

(2) Recruit Friends and Family to write City Council in support of CCHS and our plans for the adoption facility

(3) Attend the next meeting on April 10th at 6pm at Wylie (300 Country Club Rd, Building 300, Wylie, TX)

(4) Speak at the meeting on April 10th (even if you just stand to say that you “are in support of the plans for the adoption facility” and that’s all you say… it really does help)

Thank you all for taking the time to read this blog and help CCHS with our cause!!!! This is the first step in a


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