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Responsible department: Department for Energy and Climate Change

The oil and gas industry is seeking to exploit UK onshore and offshore oil and gas reserves trapped in shale rock and coal beds and depleted conventional oil and natural gas fields requiring environmentally damaging and risky techniques, including hydraulic fracturing (fracking).
We, the signatories of this petition, call on the coalition government in Westminster, the Welsh Assembly Government and the Scottish Parliament to impose an outright BAN, demanded not only by environmental groups and geology experts in the field on shale gas, and on the related coal bed methane extraction industry, but also ordinary and knowledgeable concerned citizens and communities.
As the industry is rushing forward in a fracking frenzy, and due to the serious implications and potential catastrophic failure of the Elgin gas leak which is unfolding, and caused by human miss-judgement, we at least , call for a Moratorium until the results of many more peer reviewed studies here in the UK, in other countries in Europe and in the US have been properly evaluated. Such moratoria are already in place in, North Rhine Westphalia (Germany), New York State, New Jersey and a complete ban has been imposed in France. Many other countries and local communities are saying NO and winning.
We are forward thinkers, not Fossil Fools.
Ban Fracking NOW.


Luke Ashley

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The unfolding Elgin Platform gas leak in the North Sea is proof enough once again that new projects and plans to extract oil and gas should be halted and re-assessed once again.


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