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Watch this dramatization on real dangers facing the world.

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How this will help

Take a moment to view this short clip, think about the sad fact that the blockbuster movie "Contagion" is a suspense thriller based upon real events such as the 1918 flu epidemic, which killed more people than WWI, and help built community resilience against the next epidemic of airborne infectious disease!

2012-2013 pandemic? "The dreaded swine flu or H1N1 virus is back with 129 cases and 12 deaths reported in the last 20 days ...followed by 28 cases and five deaths from Rajasthan. The government, however, said here was no cause for panic and these states have been asked to strengthen their surveillance to check the further spread of the virus. The Health Ministry is monitoring the situation and there is no cause for worry."

Do we want to simply leave it to the governments or do we want to fight back? Please recruit some members, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

More evidence this is current and worrisome for 2013:

Report Winter 2012 is a late flu season with potential serious consequences, suggesting a bad 2013 season?

-Geof and the crew

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