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On February 26, our son Trayvon Martin was shot and killed as he walked to a family member's home from a convenience store where he had just bought some candy. He was only 17 years-old.

Trayvon's killer, George Zimmerman, admitted to police that he shot Trayvon in the chest. Zimmerman, the community's self appointed "neighborhood watch leader," called the police to report a suspicious person when he saw Travyon, a young black man, walking from the store. But Zimmerman still hasn't been charged for murdering our son.

Trayvon was our hero. At the age 9, Trayvon pulled his father from a burning kitchen, saving his life. He loved sports and horseback riding. At only 17 he had a bright future ahead of him with dreams of attending college and becoming an aviation mechanic. Now that’s all gone.

When Zimmerman reported Trayvon to the police, they told him not to confront him. But he did anyway. All we know about what happened next is that our 17 year-old son, who was completely unarmed, was shot and killed.

It's been nearly two weeks and the Sanford Police have refused to arrest George Zimmerman. In their public statements, they even go so far as to stand up for the killer - saying he's "a college grad" who took a class in criminal justice.

Please join us in calling on Norman Wolfinger, Florida's 18th District State's Attorney, to investigate my son's murder and prosecute George Zimmerman for the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin.


William A. Brown Jr.

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How this will help

It deeply saddens me that I must request the help of all of you to support a mother which is seeking justice for her son which was murdered. I am not sure if many of you have heard the story of...

It deeply saddens me that I must request the help of all of you to support a mother which is seeking justice for her son which was murdered. I am not sure if many of you have heard the story of Trayvon Martin a 17 year old teen whose life was suddenly cut short by the bullet of a neighborhood watchman. If you haven’t and require more information you can view more about this tragedy by reviewing the videos denoted below:

What’s even more alarming is that Trayvon Martin’s death has the potential to go unpunished! A Florida State law which has been deemed controversial (H 0249H, HB0249C2, HB0249C2, & Amendments: 839703, 848887) called the”STAND YOUR GROUND LAW” supports the use of deadly force in the case of self defense. The URL below provides an actual copy of this law with the inclusion of its amendments:

What seems to be the key here is this was not a matter of self defense--this teenager was unarmed and didn’t present any threat. It appears as if the neighborhood watchman Mr. Zimmerman stalked the teenager under a false presumption of guilt regarding the commissioning of an alleged crime. He was simply your average teenager on the way home from a trip to a local 7/11 convenience store for some junk food.

I do believe and declare that it is imperative to add the following information:

#1. Trayvon Martin was your average teenager who was involved in school, studies, sports, food.

#2. According to reports Trayvon Martin was your all around average teenager. Many reports state that he hadn’t been involved in any crime, unruly behavior, or school related disciplinary actions to the best of my knowledge.

There are many things which are inexcusable—also unfathomable and this is one of them. Michael always spoke about healing the world and taking a stand against things. However, more than anything in this world Michael spoke about protecting children! Here was a child which didn’t even get to see the full potential of what his life had to offer because he was cut down by a bullet in his adolescence.

Who are we as a people if we say nothing and allow Trayvon Martin’s senseless death to be in vain without any justice or justification whatsoever? What about the other children that this may happen to? Don’t we owe it to them to put a stop to this by standing up and banning together in such a way where the authorities have to do something to stop travesty of injustice? Everyone isn't a criminal and last I checked criminals come in all forms. It is a crime to kill a teen over a senseless assumption based on his gender and race! Reports state that Mr. Zimmerman regularly complained about black people in his neighborhood. We have a great opportunity here. This is where the world can get involved in the case of Trayvon Martin! We could be on different parts of the globe and still reach the United States. We can speak up for this child which lost his life in a violent way.

I believe that Michael meant all children no matter where they are and what race they are because it takes a village to raise a child. Today we are asking you to become that village and treat Trayvon Martin as your own child. And if by chance you are a parent please consider what pain and mental anguish his mother is experiencing at this moment. She is crying out and asking the entire world for help in seeking justice for the murder of her son.

"We're seeing social media become the worldwide megaphone for social injustice," said Alison Fine, an expert on social media activism and author of "The Networked Nonprofit." "This kind of incident is very clear cut, right and wrong -- it's egregious, it's easily sharable... Broadcast media picks it up and social media picks it up and it ping pongs back and forth.



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