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(Chistian) Addicts in recovery

To the ASASA (Advetising Standards Authority of Southern Africa) and t5he Managing Director of Red Bull (which addicts abuse and should not even use - it is banned in most recovey centres) "Red Bull flighted a highly offensive and blasphemous TV advert on 12 March that mocks the Biblical story of Jesus walking on the water. The advert is meant to offend as it depicts the Jesus character in the cartoon using the name of Jesus as a curse word. Red Bull wouldn't dream of mocking religious figures of other religions. Christianity and Jesus in particular are singled out for mockery by secular humanists and other anti-Christian bigots. FPI is launching a nationwide boycott of Red Bull products in response to this blasphemous attack on the Lord Jesus Christ. Please pass this message to all Christians and Churches. Please write to Red Bull General Manager, Arun Hozack at [email protected] and inform him about the hurt it causes Christians when Jesus is mocked for commercial purposes. Please also lodge a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority at [email protected] Please include your name, ID &address & indicate the ad was offensive on religious grounds.".


Sean Palframan

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To preserve the dignity and respect of basic human rights to freedom of religion thus and thus upholding; arguably the most progressive, democratic and fair constitutions in the world - that of South Africa!

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