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Promote ArcelorMittal' support for street dogs in Romania

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ArcelorMittal is the World's largest steel corporation and owns in Galati, one of the largest steel plants from Europe. The plant huge property located at the outskirt of the Galati town, soon became the "house" for thousands and thousands street dogs which start reproduce, live in packs, attacking the steel plant employees and clients. Many were starving especially after some steel plant areas closed down, most of these dogs became wild, frightened, only skin and bones, their severely weak body couldn't resist or recover when dogs got sick, wounded, full of ticks or internal parasites.
ArcelorMittal is the first Romanian corporation that choose to invest to solve the street dogs problem in a humane, decent way: Since 2007 AMG and ROLDA works together to create a better life to these unwanted animals. A huge dog center was created where dogs are sheltered, getting quality care (veterinary assistance, 24 h/day security from a professional company, only good dry dogfood,etc)
We are in process of improving the kennels and building running spaces for the sheltered dogs. We built in fall 2011 a charitable clinic where dogs will be sterilized for free, where we'll be able to provide isolation and recovery services, long time care, discounted treatments for poor community.
ArcelorMittal action in dogs favor is unique in Romania and my assumption is that this kind of action is unique in entire Europe. I would like to get the following information and suggestions from this cause members:

Do you know any other corporation who build a shelter for a charity and sustain the shelter activity? Anywhere in Europe...

How can we promote ArcelorMittal generous help for street dogs in Romania? If you know media related people, famous personalities who can help us make these special efforts known to the general public; if you work in media field (TV, newspaper, radio, etc) and wish to visit ROLDA shelters, please send a private message on Facebook or to this email address [email protected]

We can find together a way to promote AMG example and hopefully other rich, large corporations will help other needed shelters all over Europe, especially in south-east.
Many thanks for your feedback!
ROLDA team

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