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Judge Kenneth Lopp

The Lee family and Frisky Felines Foundation should be allowed to have their animals returned to them.

Since this petition was started and discovery come about and the trial commenced the Lee's have discovered that the animal control officer lied to get an exigent warrant to seize the Black Lab named Coal, from which they were then able to get a warrant to seize all neglected animals, however they took every animal. The Lee's according to the Notice of Violation given to Samantha Lee were supposed to have Due Process however that was never even mentioned to Samantha. No person should ever have their pets removed from them before a hearing by a judge.

The Lee's have discovered the ACO withheld the medication that Samantha Lee gave him for the cats, did not start the cats on L Lysine per Samantha's veterinarian to ward off the well cats from getting the upper respiratory infection that a few had and the aco also failed to pick up and give the medication ordered by animal control's contracted vet until 4 days after the raid and the medication was not given until the following day.

No person should ever have their pet used as "evidence" in a criminal matter BEFORE that pets own veterinarian sees him/her, the preservation of evidence is tainted for the pet owner therefore leaving a one sided trial. This has been evident during the trial. The photos taken of the cats during the raid show many cats differently than the intake photos that were allegedly taken the day after the raid. Samantha had already spent $568 between November 7, 2011 and November 16, 2011 on veterinary care on the cats. No pet should ever be dispersed while waiting for its owners trial and again if the pet owner can prove malice by animal control the pets should immediately be returned to their owners, the Lee's can prove this.

No pet owner should ever have to fight to get their pets back when no charges have been brought forth, when no evidence of abuse is evident and even more when the pet owner can prove an intent of malice to wrongfully seize pets No pet owner's pets should be euthanized without consulting with the pets own veterinarian such as the youngest childs cats Sagwa and Garfield, not the state veterinarian nor a contracted veterinarian. 

EVERY pet owner by the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is entitled to DUE PROCESS. This is even stated in the Harrison County Animal Control Ordinance but has not ever been offered to the Lee's.  Too many pets are being killed or sold without the pet owner receiving due process to get their pets back or even tell their side of the story. Even when a person pleads not guilty, they are left to try to come up with fees that are unreasonable until they are acquitted .  Because people are made to pay exorbitant fees/fines to retain custody of their pets, many pet owners automatically lose that right because the average person with more than 1 pet does not have that kind of money, not to mention an animal rescue will have a lot of animals in addition to their own pets.  These fees placed upon pet owners are
unconstitutional via the 8th amendment "no excessive fines".   Then by the time they have trial and are acquitted, their animals have either been euthanized or adopted out.

The Lee's received no warning by the animal control officer to fix anything he may had felt was not up to par, to vet any animal he felt needed vet care and it was never explained why the animals were seized.

The Lee's are fighting hard for the return of the rest of their pets and the return of the adoption animals they had in their shelter.

The Lee's were raided, the Lee's were behind in house work due to several different things that arose in a short amount of time, but the Lee's have never abused or neglected their children or their pets.

Being behind on housework and/or kennel work is not a crime. NO ONE should ever be facing charges of abuse because they got behind on chores.  Samantha asks only 10 minutes a day from her children to help keep the house clean.
Samantha chose to leave the undone chores as punishment for the children taking advantage of their mother for not doing their chores because she was not at home (day before raid).   The children hate that punishment and to leave their chores undone to do the following day with extra chores to do on top of the children's daily chores is what motivates her children to not act up and be responsible and that is what Samantha and her husband are being criminally charged with-discipline and being proactive parents and pet owners. However, the Lee children at that time were 19, 17 and 14 years old, all well old enough to help keep the house clean.

Samantha chose to help a woman rid her property of cats that she was going to be evicted over if the cats remained. When now it has been discovered this woman lied to not just Samantha, but to No Kill Louisville (who asked Samantha to help her), the attorneys, the law enforcement and the court. Samantha already had a lot going on and even told this woman she was tied up and could not help her.  But the woman insisted and seemed in dire need for Samantha's help. As a compassionate person, Samantha helped this woman to keep her in her home while putting off doing her chores. In addition to helping this lady, the lady informed Samantha that a neighbor was also shooting at the cats.

Is it more important to do your chores that moment of the day or reach out to help another human in need?

It has come to a point in time that you can no longer punish your children as you see fit without governmental intrusion. And you cannot be a loving pet owner without overzealous people destroying your family. The corruption and destruction of happy families has to stop!!

Many people that Samantha and her family has told the story to about the raid has told Samantha she was set up and most likely it was retaliation from her filing a tort claim against animal control for the illegal seizure upon their cats in 2010.   No family should lose their pets or their freedom because they chose to stand up for their civil rights.

The Lee's pets and adoption animals must be returned to the Lee's.


Samantha Lee

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The Lee's pets and rescue animals should be returned to the Lee's. That is where they belong. Animals should never be seized when there is a person willing to do anything for them, loves them...

The Lee's pets and rescue animals should be returned to the Lee's. That is where they belong. Animals should never be seized when there is a person willing to do anything for them, loves them and is willing to prove it. Anyone that talks with the Lee's can tell they are loving caring people. Do the right thing and send the animals home.

The opposing party is now playing dirty, in addition to your signature we need your financial help.  The playing field just got severely tilted.  To help us with the animals attorney fees please make your donation here.............

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