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In honor of World Water Day, TPRF has promised to match up to $25,000 in donations to the latest campaign of The Adventure Project (TAP). This is their most ambitious adventure yet, where every $10 donated improves the access to fresh water for 91 people. TPRF's $25,000 match will help more than 225,000 people and provide a permanent livelihood to 45 well technicians. Learn more at

You can help TPRF help TAP. TPRF has launched a World Water Day campaign for this purpose. If TPRF can raise $10,000 here on Causes (and $15,000 in other direct donations), then TPRF can fulfill its matching promise without reducing the funds available to other worthy recipients and projects that TPRF supports.

Check out this project. TPRF believes that you won't find a better way to recognize World Water Day or a more efficient use of your precious donation dollars. Enjoy the satisfaction of helping a lot of people and of being a part of this global caring team.


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