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Jamie's vision for the Food Revolution is simple: empower people everywhere to fight obesity by creating a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about real food and inspire families to cook again.

In Spring 2010 we asked you to help us Spark a Food Revolution and Train 1,000 Food Revolutionaries. The much needed funds donated here through our Cause page are helping us to ensure that cooking skills are not lost through the creation of unique hands-on training programs that will bring cooking skills and real food knowledge to schools, businesses and communities.

Through our food education programs we aim to build an army of trained Food Revolution instructors to put cooking back into the community, provide the first step in getting kids to taste fresh fruit and vegetables and to equip individuals and families with the skills they need to know how to cook with fresh ingredients, empowering people to incorporate a variety of balanced meals into their lives, replacing processed foods and sustainably changing their eating habits ultimately fighting obesity from their home kitchens.

The results of the Food Revolution to date include:

- Over 1000 events across 62 countries in aid of our first global day of action, Food Revolution Day

- Funds raised through Food Revolution Day go towards providing food education to school aged children in the US and UK through our "Learn your Fruit & Vegetables" program and towards cooking classes at Ministry of Food Australia.

- USDA change school food guidelines adding more fruit and vegetables, reducing the fat in the milk offering and adding 6 cents of value to each meal.

- USDA change school food guidelines by giving districts the option to choose whether they purchase meat with pink slime rather than not having the choice.

- Over 1,900 people have completed the cooking course on the Food Revolution "Big Rig" mobile teaching kitchen in vulnerable communities in and around LA.

- Over 2000 people have been trained in Huntington's Kitchen, West Virginia.

- Huntington Kitchen runs a successful weekly "Fresh Market" farmers market.

- Jamie's school lunches have expanded to all 28 Cabell County public schools, which includes 12,500 students with 8 other counties in West Virginia introducing 100% from-scratch meals at breakfast and lunch provided to all students regardless of their family's income, free of charge.

- Banned flavored milk throughout the LAUSD, impacting 650,000 kids everyday.

- Banned chicken nuggets and hot dogs throughout the LAUSD.

- Inspired parent activists are taking the fight for better school food.

Gifts to this project will support the Food Revolution and creation of our food education training programs.

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