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Elephants Poached by National Park Officials. We Need Your Voice NOW.

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How this will help

Please draft a similar letter and send to one or all of the consulates listed. You can read the news and watch the videos here. This is crucial and only takes a few minutes.

Royal Thai Consulate General
611 N.Larchmont Blvd., 2nd Floor ,
Los Angeles , CA 90004
Phone : 323.962.9574
Fax : 323.962.2128
[email protected]
Royal Thai Consulate-General
351 East 52nd Street
New York, NY. 10022
Tel: (212) 754-1770, (212) 754-1896
Fax: (212) 754-1907
[email protected]
Consulate General of Chicago.
700 North Rush Street,.
Chicago, IL 60,611 to 2,504.
Tel. (1-312) 664-3129.
Fax:. (1-312) 664-3230.
Email: [email protected]
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Sri Ayudhya Road, Bangkok 10400
Thailand, Tel : (662) 643-5000
Dear Consulate General and Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
I am writing to you concerning some very disturbing news I have recently received from Thailand. Wildlife Friends of Thailand (WFFT) and Elephant Nature Park (ENP), two groups who do immeasurable work to protect Thailand’s dwindling wildlife and provide refuge for abused captive animals are now being harassed diligently for nothing less than their roles in speaking out against the illegal poaching of elephants in Kaeng Krachan and Kui Buri national parks. It is my understanding that there is sufficient evidence that DNP was directly involved in the poaching of several elephants in the parks they are supposed to protect and that several government employees have been arrested for those actions. Now DNP is seeking retribution by hassling and threatening WFFT and ENP. They have already violently confiscated severely traumatized animals from WFFT and are threatening to take elderly and injured elephants from ENP.
Is this the image of Thailand that the consulate wants portrayed? The international attention this news is getting has already exploded and will undoubtedly increase if this matter is not taken care of immediately. There are already nearly 100,000 collective views of the videos below. Please watch the videos both published by ENP and WFFT. I urge you to take action NOW by contacting DNP and demanding they stop the harassment and intimidation of these two groups who’s sole existence is protecting Thailand’s beautiful wildlife and providing care to the lucky survivors of a ruthless industry that captures, breeds, and abuses elephants, macaques, and tigers, etc. for profit and personal gain. The videos are already spreading across the internet and will be very damaging to Thailand’s public image and reputation as the Buddhist haven and “Land of Smiles.” It is unnecessary, unwarranted, unjust, and utterly absurd.
Please respond to this letter immediately with your intentions and details of the action you will be taking.
USA Citizen


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