Donate to Coastal Animal Rescue Andeducational Sanctuary


$825 donated
$4,175 more needed

This fundraiser closed 3 months ago

We are fundraising for Coastal Animal Rescue & Educational Sanctuary (SC-CARES). Join us in supporting them. We have made a difference in the lives of these
creatures and many others here at SC-CARES.  We can't know what would
have happen to them if we hadn't been here and accepted them, how
would they have suffered being passed around never knowing love and
security, or relegated to a solitary confinement, forgotten and
neglected, maybe even killed or abandoned to a lonely suffering death?  We try
not to think of what may have happen because in doing so we must
acknowledge that some of the 600 creatures we have turned away may
have met just such a fate.  Does not being able to help those
600 make us just a responsible for what happens to them??  We hope not!  We
sadly acknowledge we cannot help them all, but the difference and
ability to help more innocent creatures is directly tied to the
resources, both financial and volunteer, available to us.

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