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Prevent Homelessness, That is What We Do
The Petya I Edwards Foundation is a non-profit organization with one goal: To empower families to take control of their situation and prevent homelessness.

We help by teaching families how to help themselves. We offer resources, training, and assistance that empower anyone who comes to us to find their own solutions. We understand that most people just want to get their life on track, and need a little help to do so.

We believe that every child, and every family, deserves the opportunity to have a happy and secure life, we push to stop homelessness. Our unique homeless prevention program allows us to tailor a solution for each family we work with.

We provide resources like education, life skills, financial management, and more to the families we serve.

And because of the generous donations we receive, we are able to provide families with necessary items; like a vehicle to get to work, baby food and clothing, a child's bed, food and medical care, and so much more. 

Our Foundation will ensure that each and every family it assists will receive all the support necessary for success. We get to know each family, and each situation, so we can truly make a lasting change in the lives of those we help.
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