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Hello From Africa family and friends. Help me celebrate this year by empowering a girls mind to change her life. Donate whatever you can and lets make a difference today for a girl in Congo. I have just arrived in Congo a day ago and I can say it's truly nice to be back. Crossing the border from Ndola Zambia into Congo was a learning experience on how different one country can differ which reside right next to each other. Zambia has a ranking of 68 on the GHI and Congo 81. It truly shows Help girls access education in the DRC please!!!Third day in Congo and getting much accomplished. Community action and dialog is where its at. Looking forward to hearing the thoughts of the Kalebuka community about the Football for Hope project initiated soon. Education with a capital E is key in development. Met a rare resource indeed today. A female Congolese Mayor. Wow!! she may help to bring power to kalebuka. Ok, enough chatting. Help with my birthday cause and help empower more future women leaders!!!

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