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NEDAwareness Week is February 26 - March 3, 2012.

You can help fight eating disorders by doing "just one thing" to raise awareness in your community - even on Facebook or Twitter. Be counted! Be sure to register: Whether you're writing a media watchdog letter, registering to be a volunteer speaker, hosting a speaker, purchasing a NEDAwareness Week Kit, providing educational materials, posters and pamphlets, organizing an event or activity in your school or community, facilitating an eating disorders awareness or media literacy activity in your school, posting information on your social networking sites, or participating in a NEDA Walk or film screening, you are a part of the movement and deserve to be counted!

Eating disorders are potentially life-threatening illnesses that more than 24 million Americans struggle with everyday. But recovery is possible and early detection and treatment are critical. Your help in spreading the word makes the world a better place for us all.

Everybody Knows Somebody! Whether you've struggled with an eating disorder yourself or have a friend, family member or someone you go to school with, chances are we all know someone who has struggled.

Take the pledge - do Just One Thing to promote NEDAwareness Week.


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