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Sponsored by: Dave Dillon & ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS TOO! PLEASE HELP> an affiliate of Best Friends Animal Society
Is music worth more than lives? Thousands of animals (pets) out on the streets of Azerbaijan are being slaughtered in the name of a music contest. This is madness at it's best. Just so as one country does not look bad to the rest of the world with animals roaming free. Animals were born to be free can't these people get this into their heads and put lives first. Please sing and pass on this petition in any way you can so as this slaughter is ended.
Dogs and cats roam the streets of Azerbaijan all ear round but now they have the Eurovision song contest the organizers want the roads cleaned up. The answer they have come up with is to have all dogs and cats killed no matter how or even if the animal is someone’s loving pet. The streets must b up to a standard but it seems well above the normal standard for this sick country.
To LIKE is great but to sign the petition means the world for the victims!


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