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Ask Shippensburg University to remove their Plan B vending machine

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Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania is now offering curbside abortions in the form of morning after pills (Plan B), which are being sold to students in a vending machine located at the campus’ health center for $25.

It is obvious that Shippensburg University has placed a higher priority on what they perceive to be political correctness than on the safety and well-being of their female students.

As you know, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) outrageously approved the sale of Plan B over the counter a few years ago; a decision which SFLA very much opposes.

The birth control pill requires a prescription and a consultation between the patient and doctor before ordering. Plan B is a high-dose version of the birth control bill was developed to be taken within 72 hours after intercourse to stop ovulation or abort a newly created human being.

However, for an university administration to now allow this abortion pill to be sold through a vending machine without even so much as a doctor’s exam is beyond comprehension and shows just how far abortion culture has come. What happened to protecting women's health? How are vending machine abortions protecting women and giving women in crisis the all the facts they need?

Not only does the sale of abortive medication over the counter show how immune to abortion we have become as a society, but the sale of these dangerous drugs through a vending machine means that the Shippensburg University administration does so without the bat of an eye and with the expectation that those watching a student cram crumpled bills into a Coke machine in order to kill his or her child wouldn’t think twice about it, either.

This is a dire reflection of how quickly the pro-life movement must take action to change the hearts and minds of students before the abortion industry and their allies in liberal academia are able to indoctrinate them with the abortion industry’s propaganda.

I urge you to call (717-477-1301) and email ([email protected]) Shippensburg University’s President, Dr. William Ruud, and tell him to remove this vending machine, put women’s health first, and to stop playing around with abortions on his campus. Your voice must be heard - call or email today!


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