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Human Rights Watch says that the United Nations Human Rights Council should address the lack of accountability for wartime abuses in Sri Lanka during its March 2012 session.

Human Rights Watch has stated this in a letter sent to Human Rights Council member countries and observers, in its letter, Human Rights Watch observes that the Sri Lankan Government has not kept its commitments to its people, the UN Secretary General, and the Human Rights Council to undertake credible measures towards accountability.

Acting Geneva Advocacy Director at Human Rights Watch, Philippe Dam has said quote, “The Human Rights Council is uniquely positioned to ensure that the deaths and injuries of tens of thousands of civilians in the last months of Sri Lanka’s conflict are properly investigated and that the failure of the council to respond to one of the worst episodes of human rights abuse since its creation would only undermine its relevance,” unquote.

Human Rights Watch urged the HRC to adopt measures to implement the recommendations made to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon by his panel of experts, which found credible allegations of serious war violations by both Government forces and the LTTE.

It further noted that the Sri Lankan Government’s Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission’s Report largely exonerates the actions of Government forces and ignores the findings of the UN panel of experts.

However, HRW also stated that some of the recommendations on reconciliation are useful and should be implemented.


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