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With your help, we are using November to put tiles down in every single clinical facility we have.

That's 850 square meters of tile.

But why does it matter? Well, Nyaya Health (think 'knee-eye-uh'), renovated and opened Bayalpata Hospital in partnership with the government and community over 2 years ago after it had been left empty for nearly 30 years. And even though we've treated over 55,000 of the poorest patients in Nepal there for free over the last 2 years, our clinical facilities still don't have tiled floors.

We believe that's unacceptable, and we trust you feel that way, too. Tiles aren't a cosmetic luxury reserved for the few -- they are essential in creating a safe, sterile, and dignified health care environment.

And for a community of people that believe in justice in health, we've decided to let you change this equation with us 1 tile at a time.

Here's how you can bring dignity to our staff and patients in November:

1. Turn your November birthday into a celebration of generosity via It's real easy, and tiling a hospital in rural Nepal might be one of the most fascinating birthday requests your friends and family will ever hear. We promise that they'll love it. Email, and we will give you the step by step.

2. Become a member of our online community at or For every follower we get during November, we will donate $1 to tile our clinical facilities.

And remember:

+ $10 = 1 square meter of dignity.
+ 100% of your donations are going to this effort (we will even pay off the credit card transaction fees -- seriously!)
+ We are going to prove this for you with pictures of our newly tiled facilities in early 2012.
+ Nyaya Health is one of the most transparent organizations in all of Nepal - we even publish all of our line by line budget expenditures at

p.s. Nyaya ('knee-eye-uh') means 'the realization of just systems' in Nepali. Make this November one for justice in health by supporting #nov4nyaya.

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