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For centuries, the land has played a central role in the economic and cultural life of Palestinians. Today, the harmonious relationship between the people and their land is threatened.

The decline of farming in the West Bank is contributing to the loss of farmland to Israeli settlements. Israeli policies have led many to abandon farming in search of alternative means of income. As fields lie fallow, Israel confiscates the “abandoned” land for settlement construction.

With your help, we can resist this tide. We can help farmers stay on their land. With a grant from UPA, the Tent of Nations (a Palestinian non-profit organization based in the southwest of the Bethlehem district) has worked for the last year to teach local women efficient methods of sustainable farming and animal husbandry that reduce pollution and erosion.

With your continuing support, we can promote sustainable agriculture as a way to resist the relentless encroachment of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. Could you donate $10, $20, $35, $50, or more today to help Palestinian farmers stay on their land by learning sustainable, efficient farming techniques?

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