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Dear Friends of Lil' Orphan Hammies,

We need your help with another one of our sweet pigs. "Sister" is an older gal with lots of pep. She is currently in great need of a procedure commonly referred to as a "tumor spay," (which we would call a hysterectomy for a human woman). Our "Sister" has developed a uterine tumor that needs to be removed. Although she is an older gal, our vet feels that she is strong enough to handle the procedure, and hopefully live out the remainder of her years in piggy-happiness. We would like "Sister" to have this chance, as the unfortunate alternative would be euthanasia should the tumor remain and grow out of control.

As we are reaching the end of the year and the present economy has not afforded us the level of grants and contributions that we have relied on in years past, our current general operating funds are low. If anyone can help us with funds to save "Sister," it would be deeply appreciated.


Sister had what appeared (upon the external observation of symptoms) to be a uterine tumor. It turned out to be Pyometra, so this surgery was a bigger emergency; and lifesaving in an even more immediate way than anticipated!

Sister is through her surgery and doing well. Thank you to those who helped by sharing and donating. We did not raise the full amount to cover Sister's recent medical costs, and if anyone is in a position to chip in, it would be - as always - deeply appreciated!


Sister is now home and resting well. What initially presented as a uterine tumor turned out to be a severe case of Pyometra. Pyometra is much like appendicitis, excepting that it occurs in the uterus (or uterine stump in a spayed animal) and is equally as dangerous. Our vet had never seen a case this bad, and we are all astonished by Sister's strength and perseverance.

We would like to thank all who so generously donated to Sister's veterinary bill. Due to the change in diagnosis and complexity of the surgery, Sister's bill tripled the anticipated amount, coming to a total of $1500. Your gifts have helped ease this burden and we thank you!

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