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You believe that students should be told the truth in school, right?

That's what will happen starting January 1st.

With your help, GSA leaders like Benji just won a huge victory: the passage of the Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act. Thank you!

The FAIR Education Act takes effect on January 1st. It requires teachers in all California public schools to tell students the truth: that LGBT people are an important and positive part of U.S. history.

Including LGBT history and movements in class discussions is associated with lower rates of bullying. Less bullying means students feel safer in school.

Every day teachers and school officials are calling GSA Network. They want to know where to find instructional materials that include LGBT history.

Will you join us to help teachers tell the truth in their classrooms?

Our goal: $10,000 by October 15th.

We're more than half way to our goal. I invite you to donate today.

Your gift of any amount will bring the truth about LGBT history to students across California.

Thank you for taking action.


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