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Project Night Night distributes 25,000 top-quality children’s books each year to homeless children and recognizes that cognitive development is a crucial part of a child being “school-ready.” The regular interruption in schooling for homeless children, the lack of personal belongings including books, and the constant anxiety experienced, leads homeless students to struggle with school and to fall behind their peers. The National Center on Family Homelessness indicates that only 48 percent of homeless children in grades three through twelve rated proficient in reading on standardized tests.

Studies have shown that students with more types of reading materials at home perform better on standardized tests. Yet, homeless children frequently have few or no reading materials. To assist in improving their performance in school, Project Night Night provides an age-appropriate book to each child as part of the Night Night Package. The book evidences the importance of reading and education, and the receipt of the gift by the child makes the child feel valued and important.

Help us this Back-to-School season to provide extra books in every Night Night Package sent between now and Halloween!

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