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Send an At-Risk Child to ZOE Kid's Camp 2011

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ZOE International, our partner in Chiang Mai, Thailand, is an organization designed to combat the trafficking of children in Thailand and the United States. Since 2002 their anti-trafficking programs have provided intervention, prevention, and aftercare to at-risk children. ZOE is committed to raise children in the love of God and bring complete restoration to their lives.

ZOE provides a safe haven for children who have never been part of a healthy family to flourish in the call of God within a redeeming home environment. More than shelter, food, and clothing, they need to know the love of a Father who will never abandon them and a family that cares for them. One of the ways children are shown this love is through ZOE’s annual Kid’s Camp.

The goal of the ZOE Kid’s Camp 2011 is to show these children the love of Christ. Through body, soul, and spirit activities these precious children will experience emotional restoration and spiritual revival. The camp is an amazing way for children to grow and connect to the Lord.
This year’s camp is 4 weeks long and will be attended by 55 children. You can partner with us to sponsor a week of camp for one child for $25.

What can your gift of $25.00 do? Twenty-five dollars will send a child to camp for an entire week and cover all expenses including a daily meal, craft and game supplies, outings, transportation, and snacks. Even more importantly, you will help a child learn about the unconditional love of their heavenly Father and the family around them. Let’s send these kids to camp!

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