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Imagine a child as young as 5 left alone and vulnerable, all because of a disease that took his or her parents. For countless children across Africa, this is reality.

The statistics are staggering: More than 12 million African children have already lost one or both parents to AIDS. One-third of all children orphaned by the pandemic are under the age of 5. In addition, the disease has made millions more children vulnerable, as they care for their own sick parents, or share precious resources when their healthy parents take in orphans or sick relatives. Your donation can go a long way toward alleviating the misery.

The combined problems of AIDS, food shortages, and poverty reinforce each other, spurring a vicious downward spiral. When their parents die, children as young as 12 are left to head up households, often caring for younger siblings and frail grandparents. Fortunately, World Vision is working to reach these children with food distributions such as maize, vegetable oil, and corn soya blend.

“The magnitude of suffering experienced by these children demands our immediate attention," says World Vision's Ken Casey. "Never before has the world been confronted with suffering of this magnitude, and suffering especially experienced by children.”

Let’s work together to make a difference in the life of an orphaned or vulnerable child.

(Donations will be made to World Vision's Feed Orphans and Vulnerable Children Fund.)

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