Donate to Solar Energy for Lakota Families

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Did you know Native American families of the Great Plains reservations spend up to 70% of their total income to heat their homes? And, heating options are few: expensive electricity, polluting propane, or firewood from the few trees that remain. As winter approaches on the tribal reservations of the Great Plains, we are working to provide better heating options to families in need. The weather is cold and the wind is harsh in this part of the country, leaving some of the poorest communities in the Nation struggling to stay warm. The harsh cold can be deadly for tribal elders living in homes that aren't adequately heated. The high cost of heating often puts other necessities, such as health care and medicine, out of reach. The result is more suffering for a people that has already suffered too much. With a solar air heater, families living on Native American reservations can heat their homes and reduce their utility bills all at the same time. Our solar air heating systems, which are built and installed by Lakota Solar Enterprises, a 100% Native American-owned renewable energy company, can reduce heating bills by 20-30% for more than 20 years! These systems use the sun’s energy to heat air inside a home, providing supplemental heat whenever the sun is shining. Help us work to change the tribal energy approach AND keep Lakota families warm in their homes this winter. Please consider a donation to this very important cause!


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