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We DID IT! Thank you for your support! Because of your efforts we have provided clean drinking water to 13 schools (7500 children)! These schools have all received the water tanks and construction has been completed for the collection and filtration systems! Check out or new PROJECT (Schools need clean water) as we continue to provide water in a new region of Kenya! We appreciate your continue support in time and/or funds. Also see our new video from the last 7 schools.

We are working to provide clean drinking water to 10 schools in the Masiimba region of Western Kenya. These schools all struggle to provide a good education to the children (ages 4 to 14). Each school has an average of 500 students and they have no electricity or water supply. The children must walk an average of 5km each way to gather water at local streams using Jerry cans and buckets. The water is dirty and full of bacteria, but it is all they have to drink and it is what the schools and families use to cook food with and wash with. Over 4500 children die each day from water borne diseases. Women and young girls are the hardest hit as they have been tasked with getting the water for the schools and families. When the children leave school to go home for lunch, many must also walk miles to get water. Not only do they miss school, but they struggle from health issues and back problems from carrying 40 pounds of water up the hills back to home. We provide rain water catchment and filtration systems at the schools! These systems can provide clean drinking water for 100% of the students PLUS the families in the region. We also teach the local children and parents proper hygiene and sanitation methods. This is a crisis that can be easily stopped! Only $1400 provides an entire rain water harvesting and filtration system for a school. Only $1400 can eliminate sickness and reduce child death rates by up to 20%. Please help us answer this call. These schools desperately need our help. Over 40 more schools are still in need in the surrounding Nyamira districts!

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