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In honor of the last week of Heart Month, we are having a contest. The contest is to come up with a six word memoir for your experience with congenital heart disease.

Here's one I came up with for an example:

Born Blue, Hope Arrived, Pink Now!!!

The contest will begin on Sunday February 21 and run for one week. We are asking that you donate $10 to the cause for every entry. After 200 entries or $2000 ( the cost to save one child) we (the staff of the ICHF) will pick a winner. If there are more than 200 entries, we will choose a new winner for every 200 entries or $2000 raised. Every winner that is chosen will receive a sweatshirt with their six word memoir on it.

Congenital heart disease affects all of us in a different way. All of our stories are different, yet the same. It will be very illuminating to see the experiences of everyone through six word stories.

The contest starts on Sunday Feb. 21. Start thinking..........

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