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The Samfya Resource Centre, in a remote fishing area in Northern Zambia, is a shining example of Camfed's leadership and enterprise projects for young women. Run solely by Camfed graduates, the centre serves over 480 students, graduates and community members a month. [ Check out this film about Penelope, head of IT at the Samfya Resource Center: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZlUZqlxO28 ] Providing computers, multimedia resources and IT training, the Samfya Resource Centre is the only viable internet center within hundreds of miles, serving a community of over 191,000 people.

Samfya, like many rural areas in Africa, experiences intermittent power outages which place limits on the IT center's ability to operate at full capacity. By helping to equip the Samfya Resource Centre with solar technology, you will not only be providing this remote region with increased access to multi-media training and online educational resources, but also helping to reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption.

The IT centre needs 20 solar panels and, at a cost of only $1,270 per panel, this will provide the center with reliable and sustainable electricity. This environmentally and energy-efficient solution will also mean great cost savings, supporting the sustainability of a business providing training and career opportunities for young women living in this extremely impoverished area. Will you help?

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