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What is Causes?

Causes is the modern citizen’s best way to affect American politics and government. We provide desperately-needed digital access to our nation’s leaders and decision-makers. Our goal is to crack-open the creeping boundaries to civic engagement that routinely shut-out citizens—and shut-down thoughtful debate.

Using the Causes App, available on iOS or Android devices, or through the Causes website, users can see and comment on the same issues, policies, and legislation put before their own representatives in Washington. Users’ thoughts are immediately and directly sent to their corresponding Senators and Members of Congress. This capability is not only unique to Causes, we believe it is the barest essential to a functioning democracy.

Who We Are

Causes’ content is crafted by a bipartisan team which follows rigorous editorial guidelines: judging the importance of each story and maintaining uncompromising standards of fairness, propriety, and balance.

The unique and innovative Causes Citizens’ Council monitors feedback from our community in real-time, making Causes consistently responsible to our users. We are deeply committed to practicing what we preach: democracy, transparency, and openness for all.

Editorial Guidelines: By the People, For the People

We at Causes are stubbornly committed to the goal of making government accessible to everyone. That means we are constantly assessing and reassessing every bill, issue or story we cover with the following questions in mind:

  • What do people need to know about this? What are the basic facts of the issue at hand?
  • Is this issue "actionable"? Can people make their voices heard?
  • How do we cover this in an inclusive, non-partisan way?
  • Have we left room for multiple opinions, not just the simplistic red vs blue standard of modern media?

We apply this rigorous standard not only to every piece of content we include in the Causes feed, but also to the feed itself. Our aim is to provide a balanced, interesting, relevant stream of civic access, broadening the ability of every user to effect change in our government.

Please Join Us

The Causes Citizens’ Council is unique among news and information tools. We absorb users’ discussions with utmost seriousness—about bias, facts, partisanship, importance, and every other issue brought up in our users’ robust discussions. Not only that, we build those discussions into our daily editorial decisions, allowing our content to be guided by the zeitgeist of the Causes community.

Do you have any suggestions or comments? Let us know on our Bill Feedback Form or give us general feedback