A Tribute to a Generous Supporter of ABSG -- the Late Usec. Ramon Aquino

Please read a letter my parents, Armand and Ann Nocum, wrote as a tribute to DPWH Usec. Ramon Aquino who donated to the Kristiyano-Islam Peace Library (Kris) about two days before unidentified armed men ambushed and killed him at the DPWH gate in Manila in…Read More

A Dying Wish from One Who Nearly Died – A Halloween Reflection

Note: Here is a reflection from my dad, Armand Nocum, on some thoughts after his successful heart angioplasty operation. ___________________________________ I could very well be writing you from the grave this time. No, this is not a Halloween joke. I…Read More

ABSG Wins Smart Communication's Tipid-Sulit Idol Search

Dear ABSG Friends, We are happy to inform you that our advocacy to flood Mindanao with books has finally won its first national award -- Smart's Talk 'N Text Tipid-Sulit Idol Search. Please find time to read the press release on this wonderful…Read More

Birthday Thoughts On the Suffering Children of Mindanao

I am celebrating my birthday today – the day President Aquino will deliver his first State of the Nation Address (SONA). It is just fitting for me to also deliver my own State of Anak Mindanao Address or SAMA. Like P-Noy’s SONA, my SAMA will have its own…Read More

Until When Do We Pay The P30-Million-Daily Cost of War in Mindanao?

Assalamu Alaikum! The election is over. The major political battles are over. But in Mindanao, the war has not ended, nor will it end soon. Almost daily, the media continue to bring us news of yet another bloody encounter, bombing and kidnappings in…Read More

It's hot. Don't you agree?

It is hot. That is one thing we all cannot deny. As the El Niño hit us recently, we have all been constantly sweating in our homes, frequently hitting the beaches or Baguio or Tagaytay, and often swearing as another black-out looms over our…Read More

Thank you all

Hi guys, thanks a lot for supporting our advocy to flood Mindanao with books. It means so much to us. Please also read a beautiful write-up posted by my daughter Arizza who have been actively helping run our advocacy. Please invite friends to help us out as…Read More
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