The World Needs You: The Child Sight Project

Every day, every minute, every second, a child gets abused. Child abuse is a world wide issue effecting millions of children every second of every minute or every hour of every day, or every year. These children are left with these memories for life, forever…Read More

Thank You

To all Abolish Child Abuse members, from those of you who may have joined today, or last week, right back to those who joined right from the very beginning. I would like to take the opportunity to personally like to thank you ALL for your involvement in the…Read More


To all members of ACA- Welcome and thankyou for joining this fantastic cause, and for taking the step towards raising awareness of child abuse, and taking steps towards abolishing this horrible crime. And a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your recruiting efforts-…Read More

Abolish Child Abuse

Pls remember to post your thoughts and comments on the Discussion board or the wall. There are a lot of comments on the section View Past Announcements under my posts and would love to get more feedback . Have a great weekend! Jacquie

Corporal punishment

Are you aware that Corporal punishment is still widely used in schools in most southern states? Children are often hit with a wooden paddle as a form of discipline. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE. We as parents would face the probability that our children would be…Read More

Abolish Child Abuse

I personally want to thank each and everyone of you for all you are doing to support this cause. You may not think you are doing much by just inviting ppl to the cause, But you are. You are raising awareness to the plight of child abuse. Yes everyone knows it…Read More


Hey everyone! Would just like to congratulate everyone on their fantastic recruitment efforts and discussions! Fantastic! Keep up the good work! I would also like to welcome Jacquie Blair as one of out new administrators, who Im sure will continue her…Read More
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