Why peace?

Dear supporters, Thank you for staying with us for all these years. We have a question for all of you. Why do we need peace in the Caucasus? How could it change our lives and transform the region? Please imagine and share your thoughts with us.…Read More

Thank you! - ABGEO International's annual report 2011

Dear cause members, Thank you for your support during 2011. You can view our annual report and learn more about what we've been doing http://abgeo.ca/about/reports Please also join our Facebook page and follow our updates here…Read More

Get involved

Are you interested in volunteering? We are going to visit IDPs in Georgia & conduct interviews for research purposes. You can get involved. Please read the post for more information:…Read More

Making a difference anytime anyplace

We will proceed with the next candidate for http://bit.ly/mVZvgG Meanwhile, please enjoy interviews & nominate more candidates from different regions of the #Caucasus bit.ly/mVZvgG

You can make a difference

Apparently, as an audience we are also involved in a peace-building process. Would you like to know how? http://bit.ly/qvtTmm

Looking for inspiration for building peace?

Dear supporters, Please read the interview with Onnik Krikorian, who contributes to the peace-building in the Caucasus. You can: * leave your interesting comments and ideas.…Read More

Project “Inspiring Stories of the Caucasus”

Now you can contribute to brotherhood of the peoples of the Caucasus too and your name can stay in the book forever. Read for more information >> http://abgeo.ca/latest/12-bulletin/115-project-inspiring-stories-of-the-caucasus- Thank you for your…Read More
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