First Steps Discipleship Seminar coming to Central Texas

We honor God by fulfilling the Great Commision: Go into all the world ... and make discipleships. Mat. 28 The First Steps Discipleship Seminar provides the resources and confidence needed to disciple another in the foundational disciplines of Christianity…Read More

You can recruit our 500th member

We are on the verge of hitting 500 members on Facebook. Share with a friend: "America Bless God" - He is Worthy of Honor and Praise! Please tell me, if one of your friends becomes the 500th member. Merry Christmas J. Brent Bullock

Olde Tyme Discipleship

There is an old song that calls out, "Give me that Old Time Religion; it's good enough for me!" The only old time religion that's good enough for me goes all the way back to 33 A.D. America is trapped in a new form of religion. Frankly, I think it is…Read More

Preserving the Free Market

 Worldview Encounter 2 is now history and will long live in my memory. We furthered our relationships with national ministry partners and were so blessed to have fellowship with those that attended and those that traveled from across the country to be a part…Read More

Visit us at Hutto Olde Tyme Days

Hutto Olde Tyme Days is coming this Saturday, October 17th. The America Bless God Campaign will be on hand to help with the Olde Tyme part... It's interesting to think about all of the changes in American values. Is the Olde Tyme view of family, sex, and…Read More

Christian Anti-Defamation Commission

Do you just sit there and take it when someone speaks ill of your child or spouse? I wonder if you sit idly by when someone disses your favorite football team, or speaks bad of the organization you are associated with. In fact, many of you won't tolerate that…Read More

First Steps Discpleship Seminar Coming to Taylor

God's Way Christian Baptist Church of Taylor is hosting a First Steps One On One Discipleship seminar on Satruday, October 24. Please watch the overview video on our web-site, tell a friend, and make plans to attend.   J…Read More
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