We just added a new Action called "The Challenge" it's short and sweet but the outcome can be HUGE! So don't be ashamed or over look "The Cause" because it's important to us all and the impact can ultimately strengthen OUR faith in the LORD!!!!


Drop by and check out the cause... And maybe reach out and invite some of your friends!


Go check out the part on the cause that says: "What else can you do to help the cause?" These are the new ACTIONS everyone can take part in. We need some ideas!


We just made it to 2,500 members who have joined our cause for God. On the cause 2,500 is classified as a "Tribe". It hasn't even been a year and the word of God has already spread from just one person to thousands. It goes to show that each of us can make…Read More


There is a new thing added on the Cause, Its called an Action. Ive made a pretty simple one on there that I know Everyone can accomplish in just a few minutes while still sitting at your computer. Couldnt be easier so go check it out! >You will see it on…Read More


... that your too busy to check out the cause page! I know some of us actually are pretty busy but I know that a lot (the majority) of people who are in the cause Never even look at whats going on on it. Im not saying anyone Has to be a part of it, but I…Read More

RIP Soldier

Today is a day that we all should give thanks for the men and women who have given their lives for our country and to the ones who are still fighting. Many of us knew PFC Richard Jones, and many of us were there this afternoon when he was finally laid to…Read More
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