One 1 Dollar Campaign has ended - Not one single dollar has been donated.

Dear Members/Contributors The 1 Dollar Campaign was..well see for yourselves :: But the ChipIn one is still on till the December 31 so please do Share, Invite, Donate…Read More

Show Love on Valentine's Day

Show Love On Valentine's Day Children are influenced by the examples of those around them, especially adults. When Valentine's Day rolls around they get excited about giving and getting Valentine cards from their friends. They see these cards as an innocent…Read More

Updates - Not looking good for them..

We've gathered $ 30 .. - Thank You. Please Join,take the pledge Share or Donate,either way..Thank You all in Advance for your kind gesture.

Please Contribute by Donating to the Cause Please Contribute by Donating to the Cause, and by doing so bringing a glimpse of relief upon these abandoned and forgotten souls..up until now,show them that they are…Read More


Dear Members and Contributors,I wanted to inform you of how our Cause and Donation Campaign is proceeding. Up until now, we've gathered $ 95,54 in donations, we're still way too far from reaching our goal,but I cannot help but to be grateful and…Read More

Updates: 25/12/2011 - Fundraising Campaign on ChipIn had to be Extended!!

The Fundraising Campaign for the Xmas Event has been extended due to failure in meeting the required goal amount necessary to organize it. Again,Thank You all that have contributed,though the Event hasn't come to happen..we are still hopeful,we are not giving…Read More

Updates: 16/01/2012 - Fundraising Campaign on ChipIn -

Our Donation Campaign is proceeding.Up until now, we've raised $ 145.54.Thank You! The situation has gotten worse,as you've probably heard,there have been riots/protests over there,I've received information regarding the current situation in Lagos,and it's…Read More
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