Share Your Stories

Dearly beloved of the Lord, please share your stories here of how the Lord as touched your life or share your favorite verses of scripture or how it has ministered to you or pictures or videos of favorite worship songs. Let's keep this community active for…Read More

The Lord is Worthy to be Praised !!!

When you think of all the Lord has done for you, how He has saved you and raised you from the filth that your sins had placed you in and delivered you  and set your feet in a sure place, upon the Rock, which is Christ. Now you have a future and hope for your…Read More

The Joy of the Lord !

The Joy of the Lord is my strength I can only go on with Him on my side. Without Him I can do nothing. He gives me strength for everyday. Even though I an afflicted on every side, the Lord is right there with me, He cares for me and delivers me. He does not…Read More

Lets Pray according to Gods Will

Here is a note from a daily devotional I subscribed to. Very informative and a great revelation. Let's learn to pray according to God's will and we'll see greater results. ""You'll find little argument from people about the importance of prayer. Most people…Read More

Give Me Words To Speak Lord

Lord give me words to speak that all that I say may be words that You would speak I know that You have promised me that at the appointed time the Holy Spirit will put words in my mouth of things that I ought to say. This is the appointed time Lord, I want my…Read More

May the Glory of the Lord Fill You

As you praise the Lord this season and beyond , may His glory fill your life, home and His tangible presence in your life will be noticeable to all that they will want to worship your God. and it was the duty of the trumpeters and singers to make themselves…Read More

Don't Make a Mistake, FOCUS!

As the Christmas season is upon us and Christmas Day draws near don't get lost in shopping and giving of gift that don't endure this lifetime but focus on the ultimate Gift giver who gave the best to the most unworthy and expects absolutely nothing in…Read More
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