Sharing some personal news...

When you stop by to join this group I honestly will never be able to thank you enough! You are all inspiring and encouraging to me. You help keep the fight alive and help by bringing education to the forefront of the fight. My personal news (and a shameless…Read More

We hit 3,000+

Thank you to everyone that has joined! It means the world to me that people are still joining and keep HIV prevention and awareness in their minds!

Can we get 198 more?

Lets show the world how much we care. Invite a couple friends to join the cause. Thank you for all you do! Hope everyone is having a great summer!

It's mid-May...

How many people do you think we can recruit this weekend? We currently stand at 2,511 members. We are not trying to achieve a high number of members for ranking purposes, but maybe it might open a door for someone to get educated, talk to someone about a…Read More


Here's the link to watch clips of the Real World - San Francisco and to check out details on PEDRO: THE MOVIE. I think it's going to be great and everyone should watch it.

New change...

After some serious consideration and talking with friends and colleagues near and dear to me I have decided to remove the beneficiary of the World AIDS Day Night Light 2009 cause. My reasoning is simple...I have always stated and encouraged one and all to…Read More

New 2009 Beneficiary added...

Check out the cause page for World AIDS Day Night Light - December 1, 2009, to find out more information on the beneficiary. As always, I encourage you to advocate, donate, and volunteer for an initiative in your local area. I chose this one for their forcus…Read More
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