Thanking Youtube For The Extra Motivation

Please Share This: I find it odd that 3 of my "Winning Souls" videos were flagged by someone in the Youtube community which led to my Youtube account being suspended. Hmmm, all the videos talked about was loving Jesus, sharing Jesus and helping others who…Read More

Christians Stand Out in A Crowd

Stand out in a crowd. We use .WS websites to share our testimonies and help others share theirs as well. It's a powerful way to use your own name on your own website. Find out more at or contact me directly @ [email protected]

WS Campaign Teams Up With .WS Websites

Hello again, Just wanted to connect with you to let you know of a recent enhancement to the Winning Souls Campaign. There have been many of you who have been interested in finding a way to have more of an automated system of getting the word out regarding…Read More

Radio Host Paul Stanton Promotes Winning Souls Campaign

The Winning Souls Campaign at empowers believers in JESUS to share their Testimony about HIM with others on the Internet in a Fun & Easy way!

Evangelize the World in Their Own Language

Multiple language groups around the world now have option to utilize Internationalized Domain Names to win souls.

The Small Church Answer To Evangelism

Short video explanation of how small churches and their members can take advantage of the internet to evangelize their neighborhoods and the world.

The Best $10 I Spend Every Month

The Best Ten Dollars I Spend Every Month. Short Video Shares How Pastor Uses Inexpensive Online Tool To Share Faith And How He Helps Others Use It Also.
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