Wish you all a clean & green ENVIRONMENT DAY. Today, let us pledge to protect & conserve our environment.

Earth Day

On this day, Let us take oath to protect, preserve, conserve & regrow our forests & wildlife. Let us join hands to turn our planet back to green. Let us fight the rising temperature, decreasing rainfall & polluted air with green. UPDATE #1 On this…Read More

Thank you!

Hello everybody! Thank u everybody! with all your help & support, 2day the cause "Save The Planet" has reached 2000 members! I request you to recruit more people & help the cause grow &…Read More

1000 Members!!!

Hey, I hope you are well, it seems not that long ago that I was emailing you, thanking you for bringing this cause to 500. Well we now have 1000 members, how cool is that?? Please don't stop nagging everybody to join. Let us go for 2000…Read More

Thank you!

Thank you every body for joining the cause "SAVE THE PLANET". 2day with all your support & wishes the cause has reached 1000 mombers. Please do not let it stop here. Let us grow the cause together & get awareness among more people throughout the world…Read More

500 Members!

Thank you so much for joining this cause! we have now broken the 500 member mark! Please invite everybody you know and hopefully we have another 500 soon! Blessings Ryan (Group Administrator)


If you buy products in plastic containers, check that the plastic can be either recycled, or is biodegradable. I see Albany breadf now comes in biodegradable bags. Guess who I'm buying from. Look on the underside of your plastic container. You should see a…Read More
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