Several buildings have been completed

A number of new housing units have been completed for displaced women. the buildings are fully self contained and provide full facilities for widows and orphans who are being displaced or expelled. The custom still is in use today, women are called witches,…Read More

Can we make a difference ?

Absolutely. We need to realize though : Changes don't come quick. Understanding of century old tribal issues and traditional laws are the key here. We must understand the minds of those who have grown up and lived with these rules. There is no easy way out,…Read More


WOM widows struggle continues

Basket weaving activity

WOM engaged in basket weaving Baskets hand made by WOM

ghana people

A plight -Widows and orphans - caring for the deprived

Brazil and its indigenous people

Brazil is embarking on highly controversial Belo Monte dam project. When completed it will inundate 989 000 acres of prime forest, and displace 40000 indigenous tribes. We are all doomed. Read :
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