If the Venus project were to succeed in the near future, what would you like to see gone first?

Crime (13% people answered this) War (30% people answered this) Poverty (40% people answered this) Work (3% people answered this) Religion (12% people answered this) 153 people voted. The future will write down those who participated in the good…Read More

Hey again, another video exposing the word of the people.

This is a video that literally has the words of our people who can never speak on corporate television. Welcome to the truth... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnNNBoPh9zw&feature=player_embedded


We must know how truly empowered we are as humans. We either choose to flow with the current of nature, or against the current. Man has built a system that divides us. The only reason why we feel we cannot make the system change, is because we are surrounded…Read More

View this slight intro, amazing...


Thank you all for being a conscious part of the Venus Project!!! Remind your friends if you have a chance, and they hopefully will want to be a part of this brilliance as well!

Spread the word to everyone you know

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE STAND HUMANITY HAS EVER MADE TO BETTER THE LIVES OF HUMANITY AND THE CONCEPT OF "KEEP MOVING FORWARD!" Please send as many e-mails and notifications of this cause to people you know... so that we may gain a greater understanding of the…Read More
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