2015 Highlights!

This year started out with Mr. Raju Kumar joining the VIE team as project manager. He is a dedicated social entrepreneur who has been running human development and empowerment programmes in Hyderabad, India for more than a decade. Working at the grassroots…Read More

The Value of Words and Deeds

Word and Deed School (English Medium School) is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, India. Their vision is to help the needy and downtrodden people of the local society irrespective of caste and religion. Their main focus is to provide qualitative…Read More

Udbhav School goes Back to the Roots of Learning with Help from the VIE Library

Our latest impact and workshop was at Udbhav School, which is situated at Rasoolpura, in Secunderabad. Rasoolpura is one of the largest slums in the region, with the population of over 200,000 living in a small crowded area. The slum population of India is…Read More

VIE Workshop for 33 New Teachers!

Hymavathi School in Hyderabad is situated in a poor/slum locality and focuses on providing quality education and character building values to children from economically poor backgrounds. The VIE team connected with the school principle and administration to…Read More

Special Needs Children Benefit in Secunderabad

On June 27th, Mr. Kumar, the project manager of VIE, conducted a workshop for 12 teachers of Sri Vidya's Centre for Special Children in Secunderabad. The principal and teachers expressed how wonderful and useful the VIE Library will be for their educational…Read More

VIE Case for Support

VIE Project vision and impact strategy laid out in a compact format. Sit back and find out how Values in Education makes a difference and how you can be a part! “The values we impart to our children today, consciously and unconsciously, will have a major…Read More

Part Four - What our beneficiaries are saying!

The Indus International School focuses on whole education and is one of the few schools in India to offer a leadership curriculum. As their community service, they run a community school sharing many of the outdoor facilities. It was encouraging to hear and…Read More
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