Hector Hernandez Lopez

born in Mexico in 1978 in Ecatepec, Edo de Mexico., went to school his first 3 years in Baja California in a little town called San Quintin and Cardenas. After living in Baja California, my parents decided to move to the United State. We arrived in Arvin, California in 1988, worked pruning vine then moved to the state of Oregon on May 1989. In Oregon we moved from town to town chasing the harvest like many others; We had to work closely with my parents along with my 2 brothers. my first work in Oregon was to pick strawberry, then cucumbers, cherry and many other fruits and vegetables. In Oregon we lived for over 3 years then came back brought back to California. After completing junior and High School, I started working for Grimmway Farms for about 3 years, after over a year working with the company I decided to go back to school and continue with his education. This happen after I got injured picking backs of 60 pounds. I realizes that this not what I wanted, so I went back to school to learn about business administration. After a big struggle, working about 72 hours a week and going about 24 hour in school he finally I finish my education. I graduated from school on late 1999 as an Associate Degree on Business Administration. Around mid 2001 Fausto Sanchez and I, along with other mixtecos organized as a group to establish the first “Comite de Arvin y Lamont”, now known as “Unidad Popular Benito Juárez (UPBJ)”. UPBJ was establish for the development and dissemination of the Oaxacan Indigenous culture and tradition, as well as organize and educate on political issues, education, labor rights, housing rights, health, civic participation and issues related to the daily lives of our immigrants in California and elsewhere in the United States.