Can you live without a Birthday present?

A lot of recent donations to the cause have been made because people like you are asking friends to donate through Causes to UMCOR as a way to celebrate their birthdays. When you are on the Causes homepage make sure to set UMCOR as the nonprofit cause of your…Read More

Help Ensure UMCOR is 100% Funded

On March 14 the One Great Hour of Sharing will be here to raise funds to help make UMCOR sustainable. When UMCOR says that 100% of your regular offering goes to its destination, the One Great Hour of Sharing is what makes that a reality. Please make your…Read More

$3,860 raised for Haiti - THANK YOU!

Obviously the first 48 hours after the earthquake in Haiti saw more of the larger donations, still, donations have not slowed yet, and the UMCOR Facebook Cause still collects donations ever hour. I get notifications constantly! But thank God! In just 19 days…Read More

$2,700 raised for Haiti, aftershocks still rock the Caribbean

Thank you all so very much for your donations to UMCOR. We have raised just over $2,700 through the Facebook Cause. I want you to know that your donations are still critical for the ongoing crisis. As you have no doubt heard, Haiti has been rocked by very…Read More

$1,900 raised for Haiti, UMCOR Executive dies in Haiti Hotel

Thank you to everyone who has donated through the Facebook Cause, so far approximately $1,800 have be raised, many others are donating directly at Please invited you friends, challenge them to give, and make a contribution yourself to help…Read More

$1,100 for Haiti Earthquake Survivors

In the last 48 hours the UMCOR Facebook Cause members have donated over $1,100 for relief in Haiti. I want to challenge you to give what you can to help UMCOR or any reputable organization to help send relief to survivors of the 7.0 earthquake that has…Read More

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

If you are still shopping for gifts, please consider UMCOR's gift catalog. Give friends and family cards telling them you honored them with a donation that will save lives around the world. Have a wonderful season with friends and family! -Jason Weakley Cause…Read More
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