Hey, y'all! I am so excited about the number of people we have supporting Domestic Violence Awareness, and also about the donations made to support the YWCA of Central Alabama, an awesome organization that helps keep women and children safe from their abusers…Read More

Birthday Wish

Another way to raise money for the cause...check it out!


Thank you all for inviting your friends, and thanks to all our newest members! I really appreciate everyone's continued support - and don't forget to thank your friends for joining! Have an awesome week!

New Fundraiser/Donor! Thanks!

A big thank you to fundraiser Destiny Hobley-Walpool and donor Geneva Hobley! And thank you, also, to all our members! Don't forget to invite your friends and help spread awareness! Have a wonderful weekend, and happy Mother's Day to all our moms! -Becky

Church articles, please...

If anyone has an article or link on the subject of churches and Christians dealing with domestic violence that you have found to be beneficial, please post it on our media board. I'm compiling a "help source" packet for church leaders, and would really…Read More

Circle of Moms DV Awareness Community

To all our members who are moms: If you are a member of the Circle of Moms community through Facebook Apps, check out our sister group within that community - Moms Against Domestic Violence. It is growing, and several moms have already joined and begun to…Read More

Forgot to include this...

Hey, y'all! Just reminding everyone to be sure to thank your recruits for supporting DV awareness. Sorry about not mentioning it earlier... =]
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