Been a while

Hey all I know it's been a while but we still here and still need to keep this goin :) hope you all had a great Christmas and new year. bikes need to be got out cleaned and checked for the spring :) ride safe people and lets make this a good year to stay…Read More

Hello all

Spring is not far away now, and it's been a really mild winter so some good biking weather, really just want to remind members to keep recruting thier friends to the cause to raise awareness and keep us all safe out there. Thanks for your time, have a great…Read More

just info

Bikers urged to check their equipment is safe and legal Published 17 February, 2012 Injuries to motorcyclists are far out of proportion to their presence on our roads: Motorbikes are just 1% of total road traffic, but account for 18% of all Great Britain's…Read More

Happy New Year

Well another year is upon us and I personally cant wait for the weather to pick up so i can get out on the bike. Been out a few times this year already but cant really say I enjoyed it. anyway I wish you all a very happy 2011 and let it be without…Read More


ok folks thanks for joing this awarness group it seems to have gone to sleep with new members joining less and less frequently so i urge all the members to please add your friends and family and get people talking about motorcyclist,bikes,tourers cruisers…Read More


Just remeber be vigilant this easter weekend enjoy the easter break and ride free ;)

Please Invite your Friends!

I'm recieving new members by the minute with i am very gratefull for but please don't forget to invite your friends and help the awarness grow ;)
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