The website has taken longer than I'd hoped to get started, but this is definitely something that is going to happen as soon as i am able! There is the forum, where you can go and talk, read and off load, I want this forum to be the main part of my website,…Read More


Thank you all so much for joining our cause! The only way we can get this heard off, is word of month ie FACEBOOK! So please please invite all your friends and ask them to invite all there friends. We need another 183 member to reach 500, but lets try and go…Read More

First part of the new website

I have just finished creating the forum for the website, i know there probably wont be much activity till the websites completed, but i wont to keep you all up to date. so check it out! http://the-theo-emery-forum.forumotion.co.uk Thanks xxx

Lets Reach 250 members!

Hi Guys, Thank you all so much for your support! Our Current Size is a "Club" we need "46 more" members to become a "Crew" So Please invite all your friends if you havent already, and lets get ourself reconised........ We are still researching and creating…Read More

Shoulder Dystochia

What is Shoulder Dystochia? Please follow Hayley's links on the About page and you will be able to find out. Many thanks!

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I've added 2 websites to the ABOUT page, explaining and preventing, please have a look!

Spread the word

Hi to all of you, please can you spread the word and invite all yours friends to join our cause! Those of you who have thank you and those of you who haven't please start, its really important for us to make this cause known. and to prevent this happening to…Read More
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