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We are nearly out of time. WE NEED YOU TO VOTE and ASK OTHERS TO VOTE (we need about 8,000 votes for the big money). Please VOTE NOW, If you think you already voted go back to the link and make sure it says "thank you for your vote" if not you didn't complete…Read More

We need your VOTES, FOR THE KIDS!!

This is what we need you to do. We are in a contest; a fund-raising contest; we only get one chance at this and we can win 25K or 100K FOR THE KIDS!! All we need you to do is VOTE and ask others to vote. Please VOTE NOW and tell everyone you know who cares…Read More

WPATH was a success!

Dr. Johanna Olson & Executive Director, Kim Pearson presented at WPATH in Atlanta, GA on Tuesday. You can read about it on the TYFA website including a photo with Dr. Kenneth Zucker. http://imatyfa.org/whatsnew/2011/WPATH%20Summary%209-30-2011.html As…Read More

WPATH and Southern Comfort

Dr.Johanna Olson (Board of Directors) and Executive Director Kim Pearson will be at the two conference in Atlanta 9/24-28. Please let us know if you will be there and we will make a point to meet and say hello. ([email protected]) As always thank you for…Read More

Articles and Projects

There is a nice article in the current issue of 'N Touch Magazine out of Phoenix AZ: http://www.ntouchaz.com/-content/current.php There is also a film project that we are supporting and consulting on that you might wish to promote and donate to FOR THE…Read More

Why TYFA's work is so critical

This is difficult to watch but do it FOR THE KIDS! Then donate to ensure we can continue our education efforts. http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/06/07/sissy.boy.experiment/index.html?hpt=hp_c1

TYFA Travels

Dr. Johanna Olson, Moonhawk River Stone, Asaf Orr Esq. and I spent the weekend at the National Transgender Health Summit. We presented several workshops and attended a few sessions ourselves. This was an exciting opportunity and the first conference of this…Read More
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