Transylvania Calling needs your help now!

Namaste dear Members and thanks to all of you that joined the cause. we reached the 500 and i thought its a good time we who care about the cause to gather some funds for the first stage of money spending that we need, to ensure things and pay for the…Read More

Tickets / Donations

300 limited early bird Tickets available now at 30 € + 2 € paypal fee OZORA to TC bustickets online now at 52€ + 2 € paypal fee Sibiu - TC - Sibiu shuttle service for 6 € one way make your donations and support the cause now!!! we need your help in order to…Read More

Gathering the Tribes

This year Transylvania Calling has decided to take a refreshing turn in our collective path to boldly go where no one has gone before...or rather where many has gone before, but it was quite some time since we did so. Circumstances and experiences from our…Read More


too bad we can not add a Romanian Asociation as a beneficiary cause taht would be awesome! ARTLABS is one and is searching right now for TC fundings too.
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