Santa Monica WILL Remain the "City of the Christmas Story"!

Dear Friend, Have you followed the controversy in Santa Monica, California? The city has banned a nativity scene from the Palisades Park that for 60 years has graced the park during the Christmas season. I am going to share for a moment the history of the…Read More

Sing Away...It's Time for Christmas Caroling!

Dear Friend, Yes, sing away! Sing "Away in a Manger." It is time for Christmas Caroling! My heart burns with a passion for the mothers who find themselves pregnant this time of year. And Planned Parenthood burns with a passion, too! Planned Parenthood…Read More

Will American college students VOTE PRO-LIFE this November?

Dear Friend, Exactly three short months from now, American voters will be making THE most important decision they've ever made in their lives. Everything hinges on HOW AMERICA VOTES on Tues., Nov. 6! Consider... -We will decide the fate of another 55…Read More

Would you run into the burning building? These kids DO...

Dear Pro-Life Friend, Imagine you're walking down a city street and you see a building on fire! But this isn't just "any" building. This is a nursery school... AND THERE ARE CHILDREN IN THERE! They're trapped! You can see them in the windows! They're…Read More

Kicked, Spit On, Arrested and BROKEN: Will You Adopt a Sign?

Imagine being kicked, spit on, arrested, and even beaten until you are broken? Now imagine for $94.50 another will take your place. Bold witness only $94.50! Dear Friend of Survivors, Every year one part of our team suffers at the hands of angry…Read More


Kristina and Brianna have been illegally arrested and they're being held - in a men's jail? It has been over 14 hours. They won't even let them out on bond. What do we do... Dear Friend, The story I am about to share really is horrific, probably…Read More

Survivors Face Arrest at the White House: Help!

Help! Usually the Survivors ask for help avoiding jail, however, today I am asking for your help to send the Survivors out to DC where they will risk arrest at the White House. The Survivors, along with Rev. Pat Mahoney and many other pro-life leaders, will…Read More
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